2003 Fireworks show in Corona

CORONA, CALIFORNIA  —  July 5, 2003


The gates are secure, the debris is being picked up, the tear-down crew is removing the ignition set-up in what was one of the the best fireworks shows so far at the Corona High School.


The show was a success although a smaller crowd in attendance due to limited parking this year caused by school construction. All gates were manned, the head event coordinator was shadowed, the parking lot was patrolled, the ignition area was safe, and the school was in good hands. The 16 participants this year did an excellent job and my hat’s off to all who helped. Each and every one of you did your part to make it happen. Some were exposed to some “head’s up” periods and I give you my personal thank you for performing in a professional manner and resulting in Crest again being highly respected for what we do.


The coordinator (Elaine) was very nervous and apprehensive this year. Our regular coordinator (Rick) was off and this was the first time for Elaine. She was advised by Rick to let Crest handle things. When Rick did that in past years, the event went well and we performed as expected. This year was no different. Elaine eventually became more confident by the casual demeanor of Clint and Karen as we assured her the stations were posted and things were under control. Nice job you two.


We had some newcomers to the event this year and they did very well in their posts. Thank you “newbie’s”. My special thanks to San Gabriel 55 who just joined their team and this was his first event and to Crest 87 who recently joined the team and this was his first fireworks show participation. These two were even put in a situation at their gates whereby two children were lost and the police department put out an order “secure the gates nobody gets out”. SG 55 and Crest 87 were at two of the primary gates to be secured. The gates were secured and the children were soon located. Great work!


Crest 86 was also new to the event this year. He and Crest 44 manned the “back gate” which leads to the ignition area. They volunteered for this position which traditionally has been for the “newbie’s” to the event. Next year they will be eligible to work closer in and perhaps get a different view from what they had. Their position is among one of the most important to keep out those who are not directly involved with the fireworks company. They did just that and did a good job.


This year the school classroom and recreation areas were easily brought to a secure situation by Crest 95 on bicycle patrol which made him very quick to get to a situation quickly. He also was very helpful in passing out cold drinks during the event to our volunteers. Good job, Mark. Likewise, our parking lot was patrolled by Crest 107 in a mobile unit and no reports were received this year of any vandalism to vehicles. It was also patrolled by two mounted police officers as back-up for David.


Our main gate and gate leading to the ignition area lower field were critical areas for crowd control. Both Tom and SG 10 kept things peaceful and under control.


A typical area of concern is the area surrounding the gym, the basketball courts, the pool area, and the baseball fields. Those areas were guarded and patrolled very well by Crest57, Crest 6 and SG 9. These are tough positions to fill as people attempt to get closer and closer to the ignition area and are kept back for their safety and per Fire Department requirements.


All would not be possible without our “Ignition Control”. Dean (Crest 59) was welcomed with open arms by the fireworks professional personnel and as usual, Dean was an excellent asset to us. His eagle eye and consciousness always toward safety allowed the performance to go without a hitch. Even the semi-cooperative off-duty custodian and his 15 visitors could not outwit the rath of Crest teamwork although they tried.


A final tribute to the help given us by my brother Tom again this year. This is his fourth or fifth time assisting me at this event and is always a welcome asset. He drives all the way from San Diego each year to give Crest a hand and make sure we are comfortable with sufficient personnel. Thank you Tom. You were a balance all by yourself to 5 no-shows this year. I appreciate your unselfish dedication to CREST Communications even though you don’t even own a radio or have an interest in 2-way.


I sincerely hope I have not neglected anyone who helped out. It was truly a team effort and we appreciate the three San Gabriel team members who came out to play with us. As you know, this is the second annual event that Crest does to directly assist the City of Corona in exchange for no-cost meeting place every month. This partnership has been a successful one for many years and in addition to keeping our communications skills up and ready for a real emergency, IT’S JUST PLAIN FUN!





E. “Ed” J. Greany,President 
CREST Communications  Unit 25