Crest Members Visit Kings County Communications – Team #4965

July 7, 2001
LeMoore, CA


It had been planned long in advance (ok, well, at least one or two days!!) that my wife, Hiroko and I would visit with them.  After all, we were going to visit Sequoia National Park, and we were originally going to take our travel trailer up and park it at LeMoore Naval Air Station while in that area.  But, it didn’t work out that way.

Just before leaving, the database program at Hiroko’s company decided it wanted to interrupt our vacation plans.  Hiroko had to work one extra day (of course, one of our vacation days), so we “modified” our trip just a little.  We had to leave one day later than originally planned.  To adjust, we cancelled the “take the travel trailer” plans and instead drove the car, staying at the Navy Lodge aboard LeMoore.  Once we drove up to LeMoore, however, got our base pass, and  checked into our rooms at the Navy Lodge, we made the phone call.

[ Ervin Family Communications ]
The call was to Kurt Ervin, President of local Communications Team 4965 –  Kings County Communications.  Kurt, like many of the Kings County Communications team, are members of the military and stationed aboard LeMoore.  So we were right “in their back yard” so to speak.

Of course, Kurt and I had set up this meeting in advance.  Once Hiroko and I had made our travel plans, I contacted Kurt and asked him only one question:  “Do you like pizza?”  When Kurt said “yes” (the “correct answer), we set up plans for us to meet each other at one of their “local” pizza places.  So, the phone call quickly put our “plan into motion.”

Shortly before 19:00 (that’s 7:00 p.m.), Kurt and his wife drove up in their official Communications patrol vehicle (actually, it their personal car).  It was a beautiful day, just the kind of day you want when you’re meeting another Communications team, and Hiroko and I followed them to the “Me & Ed’s” – one of the local “hot spots” nearby.

While we were traveling, Hiroko took out her camera and started “clicking” as we drove.  Kurt is not only the President of the team, he’s a really dedicated Communicationser.  He promotes Communications in a really “big” way … just try following him sometime!!

As we drove, the simplex channel was kept busy as we talked back and forth to each other.  The amazing thing about talking while you’re driving is that the time passes by quickly.  And that’s important when you’re driving near LeMoore, because there is “almost nothing but farmland” as you drive mile after mile!!

[ The Pizza Meeting ]
We pulled into the parking lot and went inside.  Kurt advised via radio that we “had arrived” and were ready to eat.  As some of the team’s members started arriving, we sat down for an incredible feast — “magic juice” and pizza.  Some of you reading this may be familiar with it …. it’s a golden color, tastes really good, especially when it’s very cold!!  If you look at the picture, you can probably tell that we’re not drinking cough syrup!!

This is really one busy team!!  Hiroko and I learned they are very active with local Search and Rescue events, and the team recently completed the requirements for CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) certification.  They practice and train, and it was obvious they are proud of their achievements.

Two hours later, full of pizza and that “magic juice” stuff, several of the team members said they had to “call it a night” and get ready for work tomorrow.  That’s can sometimes a problem when you’re on vacation, with no responsibilities, no great urgency to get anything done, sitting there enjoying someone’s company and somebody in this group that you’ve just met for the first time boldly stands up without shame or fear and says, “I gotta go.”

This time, however, we understood.  It was a working night for these folks, and since they weren’t on vacation (actually, we planned on getting up early the next morning to get into Sequoia at first daylight!!), we agreed with them and started our “good bye” ceremony!

As we finished the last bit of food and drink, we took one more picture and then called it an evening.  It was truly our pleasure to meet those who could attend and finally be able to “put a face with a name” of Communicationsers we’ve written to many times after originally meeting on the Communications-L (newsgroup).

We offer our sincerest thanks to the members of Kings County Communications Team 4965.  We enjoyed meeting with them, and hope we can meet them again soon.