Dedicated Team Member Rewarded For A “Job Well Done”

July 12, 2001
San Bernardino, CA


At their monthly team meeting, the Awards and Recognition Committee of Crest Communications presented a special “Certificate of Appreciation” to one of their members for incredible acts of dedication.


For the last several years, Crest has invested time, money and manpower into their fireworks stand on the busy Fourth of July holidays.  It’s a 24-hours a day responsibility, selling fireworks during the hours the stand is open and providing security during the hours it’s closed.  But even with all of that, it takes someone special to coordinate the event, to attend all of the meetings, obtain all of the necessary permits, and still make sure that everything goes smoothly.


For Crest Communications, that person is Michael Greany, also known as Crest Communications Unit 210.


Michael has expended countless hours of his own time (usually at personal expense as he owns his own business) without complaint or concern for himself … or none that any of our team members have heard.  His dedication, steadfast devotion to even the smallest detail, and hard work are truly “above and beyond” what is normally expected of any Communications member.


Thanks, Michael, for a “job well done.”