Crest Membership

We invite you to consider joining our organization.  We are one of the largest communication team in the area (something to be very proud of by itself). We have a sincere desire to assist others; offering specialized public service through communications.

Talk is cheap.  We’re intensely proud of our ongoing involvement in the communities we serve.   Membership in CREST brings with it a sense of pride in knowing that many local governments, social service agencies, business groups, private and charity organizations, and countless radio operators — to include an untold number of motorists nationwide — depend on the professionalism of our volunteer communications operators and the willingness of our team members to “go that extra mile.”

Want more information?  We’ve made it really easy for you to contact us — because (1) we want to answer your questions and get information to you as quickly as possible, and (2) we would like for you to “stop by” at monthly meeting and get to know us better.


  • in Full access to club repeaters
  • We train you in proper radio use, and make [if needed] equipment suggestions.
  • Assistance in completing the GMRS license application so you can subscribe to “personal use” repeaters. 


  • GMRS License
  • Download the following Membership Application . Fill it out and upload via the form below. 
  • Must attend a monthly Meeting to be voted in by the membership
  • Pay $36/year in membership dues. 
  • Participate in a minimum of 2 events.
Memebership Request Form

Affiliate Member

(Personal User)


  • Access to Santiago repeater


  • GMRS License
  • Affiliate Dues of $12/year/user 
  • Download the authorization form and attach it to the form below.
Affiliate Request Form