P200 Radios For Members

June 20, 2020
Corona, CA


This offer is to CREST MEMBERS ONLY.
Our CREST team has acquired a cache of Motorola equipment donated to us.It includes bank chargers and handheld units.The handhelds are Radius P200 6-channel models and are WIDE band so they are acceptable for GMRS. That's about all they are legal for now since the FCC made Part 90 UHF all narrow band.The Model number is H44RFU7160BN.The frequency range is 438.0-470.0MHz which is perfect for us.Apparently they were operational when taken out of service due to non-compliance with FCC Part 90 anymore.The first one out of the case I grabbed has no channel selection knob but otherwise looks pretty good used condition. It has a hefty belt clip that will accommodate up to a 2-1/4" belt.I know there are some microphones and antennas in the cache. I just really haven't tore into all that is included but we have a LOT of radio gear there. (We sincerely appreciate the donation we received.)
I don't need to post a photo for you. They are easy to see on Google.
Six channels are probably all you need if you consider programming Santiago, Simplex, Crestline, Blue Ridge leaving you two additional spares.These things are practically indestructible. They are designed and the choice by most public safety, law enforcement, firefighters, Emergency Medical, Military, Federal and construction agencies/organizations. We received them from a supplier itself not from the agency.
Like I mentioned above we also have bank charger is you wish up to about six handhelds.
What I don't have is a price since I don't have a guarantee that they are operational. You will also need programming for them.
I'm up for suggestions on what to do with this equipment.
Ed, 25