Radio Group Causes “International” Incident

August 31, 2001
Corona, CA




Ten years ago an unusual project was started – collecting used two-way radios and sending them to Mexico for a second life.  “Radios for Mexico – Trip 3”, the largest effort so far to obtain donations in Southern California, will take place during September.


Crest Communications, a non-profit organization of radio operators, will pick up contributions of two-way VHF and UHF handheld, mobile, and base radios.  They should be in working order, and on business or public service frequencies.  Coordinated through retired Fire Chief Wayne Johnson of Fullerton, the units will then be distributed by the Mexican Fire Chiefs Association to several parts of the country.  Previous deliveries have gone as far as 1000 miles below the border.


Businesses, agencies, and private individuals are encouraged to put to use their old working radios by donating them.  Because of under funding, many recipient fire departments and ambulances south of the border frequently go without communications unless provided with these donations.


Crest Communications, also known as Crest Communications, is a local team affiliated with Communications International, Inc., a proud recipient of The President’s Volunteer Action Award.  Members monitor two-way radio frequencies to offer assistance to the public, and report traffic problems.  Volunteers also provide communications for community events.


Donors can be given a statement for tax purposes that their contribution has been made to a legal 501(c)(3) organization.  Pickups may be scheduled by calling Bob at (949)770-9501.


Also known as Crest Communications Team #4252, the all-volunteer group is affiliated with Communications International, Suitland, MD.  Since 1962, Communications has been “on scene” at various locations throughout the world.  It is an international organization of radio operators, who join local teams because they “love radios” and are “dedicated to public service using two-way radio communications.”


About Communications International
Communications International Emergency Associated Communications Teams) was founded in 1962 and is the recipient of The President’s Volunteer Action Award.  With headquarters in Suitland, Maryland  (U.S.A.), member are dedicated to improving their neighborhoods and believe in public service through voluntary two-way radio communications.  Although first use involved CB radio, which still exists, most teams now also use GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service).


There is an extensive network of GMRS repeaters throughout the country.  In a typical year members may monitor CB, GMRS, Amateur, VHF and Marine frequencies over 3 million total hours.  Approximately 170,000 calls will be taken and 39 million dollars will be saved by taxpayers because of this volunteer work.


About Crest Communications
Crest Communications, Team #4252 is one of the largest Communications teams in the country, has provided communications in southern California since 1978.  While many members also have their amateur radio licenses, the team uses GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) as their primary communications tool.  Members purchase and maintain their own equipment, and volunteer their time to promote public safety, maintain their radio operator skills, and provide communications services during an emergency.


The team has established a repeater network for their communication’s activities.  Using licenses issued by the Federal Communications Commission, this resource is shared with other Communications teams and to Communications members visiting southern California.