Run for the Crown 2003

CORONA, CALIFORNIA  —  May 10, 2003


The  “2003 Run for the Crown 5k 10K” was held on Saturday May 10, 2003 at Corona High School and Communications was there to help.  This race winds through the city streets of Corona with the start and finish at the High School. Two different circuits, one 5K the other 10K were run.


Crest Communications, together with members of Saddleback and San Gabriel Valley Communications Teams, manned point intersections assisting runners with direction, water and first aid if needed. We also kept Organization and Emergency services updated on the run development as runners went past our control points.


Runners of all ages and conditions enjoyed this event, and there where even moms pushing their strollers that made the 10k! Our applause to all participants and the organization for an event well done.


Rob Clark / Crest 89