Tom Hobbs, Crest 46, awarded with the “Goody Award”

April 1, 2003
Corona, CA


The Goody Award was presented again. This time the recipient was Tom Hobbs, Crest Unit 46, for his life-saving act toward a 14-month child recently during a home-pool drowning incident. Tom was the responding (fire) unit and with quick CPR action by both the mother and fire personnel, the infant was saved.

Not all REACT members are faced with daily acts involving life-saving or disaster incidents but this show the type of person associated with our Crest team. Our members hail from all kinds of occupations and backgrounds and every one of them are important to our unity, friendship, and team work. In this case, Tom rose to the occasion and we applaud him for his efforts. Congratulations Tom. Well done!

The Goody Award is presented to honored members in remembrance of “Goody” Warren, Crest 42.

Ed Greany