Understanding GMRS: What is the difference between Simplex & Repeat

July 14, 2021
Online - You Tube
David B. [517]

I explain the difference between simplex channels and repeater channels on GMRS radios and explain how transmitting in GMRS simplex mode or on a GMRS repeater works.

00:00 - This is a short video, I promise!
00:28 - I respect your time
01:27 - Confusion about simplex and repeater channels
02:03 - Definitions: Simplex channels and repeater channels
04:59 - A real world example - Hearing someone on a repeater, but on a simplex channel
05:11 - How can you tell if someone is talking on a repeater?
06:23 - How to configure your GMRS radio to use a GMRS repeater
09:18 - What is a repeater TONE?
10:47 - Collect your GMRS certification! 10:55 - I'm done

Content Credit: NotARubicon Productions