Farewell Tribute To A “Silent Mic” “GOODY” Warren, Crest 42

July 25, 2001
San Bernardino, CA


b.  15 Oct 1928 (San Diego, CA)
d.  25 Jul 2001 (San Bernardino, CA)

San Bernardino, California, July 25, 2001
— It’s always a tragedy when any team loses an active and contributing member due to ill health or loss of life.  In our case, Crest 42 / Goody Warren was not only a valued and participating member, he was respected by other teams and was the recipient of many awards and achievements — not  only in Communications, but also for his service in the military.

Both Hiroko / Crest 194 and I consider it an honor that both of us were among several of our team to meet and learn to know Goody.   She would try to call him during the evening during her drive home from work, just say “say hello” and see how he was doing.  Sometimes the heavy medication prevented him from replying, but when he was able, Carolyn (Goody’s wife) told me that he really looked forward to speaking with her.

Goody was always quick to lend a helping hand.  Crest 1 / Bob and he worked on many different projects together over the years.  It was their collaborative effort that produced our team’s award-winning newsletter (“Crest Communicationsivities”) for several years.

Crest 25 / Ed and Goody were the recipient of the Corona Police Department’s 1998 award and recognition for Assistance and Contribution to Public Safety. This was awarded for their action on the radio in capturing three assault criminals who caused a semi dirt hauler to run over another motorist driver after being beaten and thrown to the ground under the truck. This altercation resulted from a road rage incident on Highway 91 at Main Street in Corona. The three were caught and prosecuted through the quick actions of Communications members and it was “Goody” who was monitoring and took the emergency radio call.

Goody was a military veteran who distinguished himself in both Korea and Vietnam, was decorated for bravery and was a survivor of eleven emergency “ejections” from military aircraft.  After his retirement from the Marine Corps, started “MayPop Enterprises” — a small company that built Volkswagen engines.  Why did he call it MayPop??  Because, he said, at any time, those VW engines may pop!!

Goody was interned at the Riverside National Cemetery on July 30th @ 11:30 a.m.  Carolyn, his wife of 25 years, will remain at their home in Lake Matthews.  In addition to team members from Crest, two additional teams sent representatives to the service.

Military honors were provided the U.S. Marine Corps by Marines from Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, California.   The complete text of the presentation by Wayne Barringer / Crest 94 is available here.