P200 Radios For Members

June 20, 2020
Corona, CA
Our CREST team has acquired a cache of Motorola equipment donated to us.It includes bank chargers and handheld units.The handhelds are Radius P200 6-channel models and are WIDE band so they are acceptable for GMRS.

Visit to High Dessert REACT/Voyager Comp SQ 120m during SCRC Meeting

July 13, 2003
Canoga Park, CA

Silent Key N6GMT, CREST 36 / Steve Selley

June 3, 2003
Fullerton, CA

Tom Hobbs, Crest 46, awarded with the “Goody Award”

April 1, 2003
Corona, CA

Radio Group Causes “International” Incident

August 31, 2001
Corona, CA

Team’s “Traffic Watch” Program Recognized By Site

August 31, 2001
Corona, CA
vintage television test pattern with emergency message

Simulated Emergency Test Is Huge Success; Public Participated

August 25, 2001
Southern California
There is an extensive network of GMRS repeaters throughout the country.  In a typical year members may monitor CB, GMRS, Amateur, VHF and Marine frequencies over 3 million total hours.  Approximately 170,000 calls will be taken and 39 million dollars will be saved by taxpayers because of this volunteer work. 

Farewell Tribute To A “Silent Mic” “GOODY” Warren, Crest 42

July 25, 2001
San Bernardino, CA
It’s always a tragedy when any team loses an active and contributing member due to ill health or loss of life.